Paris, France (Scicasts) — VICHY Laboratoires announced a new grant that will fund research on exposome and its effects on the skin.

One research grant of 15 000 € will be awarded annually to a research project proposal in the field of exposome and skin.

The deadline for this year's applications is 8 July, 2016 and the awardee will be selected in September, 2016.

The VICHY EXPOSOME GRANT is intended to promote and encourage research activity on the skin exposome.

The term exposome, recently coined by Dr. Christopher Wild at the World Health Organization‘s International Agency for Research on Cancer, describes the measure of all exposures that the human body is subjected to and responds to throughout the lifespan, including exposures from the environment, diet, lifestyle.

The exposome analysis, therefore, complements the human genome by providing a comprehensive description of individuals’ lifelong environmental exposures. Exposome research aims to look at the holistic view of the human body’s exposures, how the body responds to those exposures, and their combined effects.

"This grant is the first coordinated effort to stimulate research on the topic of exposome and skin and I think that it is very important from a scientific as well as clinical point of view," says Prof. Jean Krutmann, Chair of the Grant Jury. "The initiative is also very timely as now we have all the methods such as the "-omics" technologies, modelling expertise and bioinformatic tools, to look at the totality of the exogenous and endogenous factors affecting the human skin."

The research project proposal on skin exposome is open to everyone, may be fundamental or clinical and may encompass any aspects of exposome. Projects focused on skin diseases will not be considered.

Work may be performed at any hospital, university or other not-for-profit research institution.

Applications for the VICHY EXPOSOME GRANT will be reviewed by an international jury of experts chaired by Professor Jean Krutmann (Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine, Germany) and including Professors Craig Elmets (University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA), Haidong Kan (Fudan University, China), Thierry Passeron (University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France) and Sergio Schalka (Santo Amaro University, São Paulo, Brazil).

For more information about the Vichy Exposome Grant and to apply please click here.