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Our core team started their careers as scientists who encountered the common challenges faced by thousands of their peers around the world today, particularly in keeping up with the vast daily flow of scientific news, research data, funding updates and industry insights.

This is why we built Scicasts as an online service that employs an engaging participatory-news model, which showcases the best of modern, interdisciplinary science to the world.

Only 10% of Europeans consider themselves well informed about science!

and nearly 60% think scientists should put more effort into communicating about their work.

"Science and Technology" - Special EUROBAROMETER . European Commission - 2010 and 2014.

Our Reporting

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We receive the information directly from the researchers involved. This means that we are not a news aggregator, or a robot. All of our content is carefully curated by our analysts, with the help of our flagship technology called NEBULi™, to make sure we bring the full facts, with key focus on relevance to our audience.

Our Ethics

We conduct our reporting on all organizations and individuals with strict independence, fairness and without bias.

We look at the most influential, ground-breaking developments that can change our world, particularly in healthcare and drug development. We do this not because we believe that other scientific developments are not important. Far from it! We simply believe that showcasing the best of science can provide new ideas and open up new opportunities to scientific communities worldwide.

Free Access

What drives us is a simple principle: Facilitating knowledge facilitates innovation. For this reason, all of our content, reports, online resources and events are free and fully accessible.