London, UK (Scicasts) – Scicasts raised ~$250,000 in seed investment through Seed Mentors Limited’s Second Seed Advantage SEIS Fund. This is part of the company’s pre-series A financing plans which will fund its data mining and ‘cognitive’ searching technology development – part of its flagship service NEBULi™ – as well as the company’s editorial expansion.

"This investment is an important validation of the great team behind NEBULi, both from Scicasts and our partners at the University of Leicester, and of the growing importance of big data solutions in today’s scientific knowledge management, which needs to go beyond the traditional journals that still dominate this market" said Tim El-Sheikh, Chief Executive Officer, Founder, and Chief Technology Architect at Scicasts.

"Scicasts is at the start of a major growth phase, and having the funding provided from the Second Seed Advantage SEIS Fund and the mentoring services of Seed Mentors will allow us to continue building on our fast-growing global community of scientists and researchers, and on the support from our partners, clients and leading institutions that will help us achieve our targets."

Scicasts is currently organising various events and hackathons that aim to involve members of scientific communities worldwide in developing a service that will help them further advance their R&D projects, businesses and help them explore new opportunities and ideas. Furthermore, this opportunity also brings investors closer to scientific endeavours in a more streamlined approach than ever before. Further details of which will be announced separately on the Scicasts Blog at:

"Our aim at Scicasts is to democratise scientific knowledge in a way that puts scientists in the driving seat. We believe 2014-2015 will be an exciting time for scientists as the knowledge industry is evolving at an astonishing pace, especially in the era of big data intelligence. Scicasts is at the heart of this new phenomenon and we are looking forward to the challenge."