London, UK (Scicasts) – We have reached a new high in our journey here at Scicasts, with the development of our cloud-based data technology – we call it Nebuli®.

Scicasts is all about connecting the scientific community around the world to a network of critical information through our news coverage, market research and webinars. We only focus on what we see as the most ground-breaking developments that could truly change our lives, healthcare, and technology. We believe that this editorial approach can help our audience with their research projects, facilitating new ideas and opportunities. With Nebuli®, we want to expand this principle even further. Much further!

We know that our coverage works. This is based on feedback from our great audience, as well as our growing monthly circulation figures that are approaching 700,000 unique visits. However, we always aim to improve our coverage, services and content access. As a technology company, that is what we do. We research, build and innovate.

Earlier this year, we launched our latest version of Scicasts (we called it V3), which we built on a responsive, HTML5 platform to ensure full accessibility of our content and services on mobile devices (particularly on tablets). Thanks to our audience's feedback, we built a platform that is quick, flexible, and accessible. Since then, we have worked on expanding our platform and building it on a cloud-based architecture that manages the growth of our global network more efficiently. This has also paved the way for the beta release of Nebuli® later this year.

The Data Network of Nebuli®

As Part of our editorial process, we worked on collecting some interesting data and trends that we identified within individual stories and reports published on Scicasts over the past few years. Nebuli® will allow our subscribers to access this exclusive data, analyze the trends relevant to their specific projects, and collaborate online with their colleagues through our cloud-based environment. This data is an ongoing development and is growing everyday as we continue with our coverage and expansion of our sector-specific channels.

The current stage of our development is to expand our algorithms to 'draw' models that visually demonstrate trends that lead to innovations, based on the data network that we built. With this, we have a very interesting 'eagle-eye' view of some unique trends that help us to identify new key areas of science and technology that we should look into editorially.

As a subscriber, you will have the same information available to you that could help you with your research projects, as well as marketing if you are a company. Think of it like Bloomberg's overview of the financial markets, only in our case, we generate data in relation to key scientific sectors. Hence, we like to use the analogy describing Scicasts as "the Bloomberg for Science."

We Need Your Help!

You, our audience, can also get involved in building Nebuli®. We are planning to release a closed beta testing stage of Nebuli® where you will have the opportunity to use our tools, provide us with your feedback, suggestions and development ideas. There are no subscription costs to you. However, in order for us to consider your application, you need to be a Scicasts member. To find out more, please email us at subs [at]

In the meantime, please be advised that the week commencing June 24th, 2013, we are initiating our migration process to our new cloud servers from our great partners at RackSpace. This may cause numerous disruptions, which we will aim to keep to the minimum. Our new subscription process will be available from July 1st, 2013. Keep your eyes on our blog at