London, UK (Scicasts) — We would like to announce the launch of our new editorial network to Scicasts – ClientLab™. This new section is a collaborative scheme between us and leading organizations from around the world exploring new topics and innovations that are of interest to our community.

ClientLab™ is an extension of our core mission of showcasing the best of science and technology worldwide. Whilst recognizing the vital role academic institutions play in modern ground-breaking R&D – with our extensive coverage though Scicasts Sector Channels – we believe that there is a need to highlight the great innovations brought about by the commercial sector. We are particularly looking at startups who, from our experience, create some of the most notable breakthroughs and new ideas that play a key role in bringing academic projects into an active market, such as healthcare.

Accordingly, ClientLab™ is our approach to promoting brands that our users are excited about. Since the beginning of Scicasts, we have been closely monitoring online marketing trends and have observed how users engage with conventional marketing campaigns, such as banner ads and e-mail marketing . Some of our recent findings have been shared by our CMO, Simon Jack, with his report: The Must-know Marketing Trends for 2016. We found that our users (a.k.a “Scicasters”) – who are highly tech-savvy and knowledge-hungry innovators – are keen to engage with content that offers the potential to positively impact their work and facilitate new ideas and opportunities.

ClientLab™ for Scicasters

ClientLab™ content is presented as a partner-branded article, which is linked to a partner’s ClientLab™ page on Scicasts. We co-produce these articles with our partners and every article undergoes the full editorial process conducted by our data analysts to ensure that the branded content is informative, engaging and relevant. We never aggregate content from any third-party websites, client websites or news networks. We will occasionally invite guest writers who represent companies or institutions in order to share their insights and opinions on key and trending topics. These guest posts will also be revised by our analysts prior to publishing. We are committed to providing our users with the highest quality content and reports, for which Scicasts has become a known brand.

ClientLab™ Brands and Partners

Through our ClientLab™ scheme, partners can harness the full breadth and depth of our cross-sector intelligence platform, Nebuli™. This involves user-targeted editorial support in building unique and exclusive campaigns around trending industry developments, our sector-specific Channels and our exclusive editorial content on Insights.

We discuss the topics and new ideas with each partner and build customized and fully serviced data solutions and market research around their specific needs. The key aim of this process is to provide highly engaging and informative content from which our users can benefit. We will also organize joint webinars, meetups and hackathons – attracting thousands of our users and the wider science and engineering communities, both locally and internationally.

Today we launched our first ClientLab™ campaign with our Hong Kong based partners OPER Technology, discussing the New Hope for Treating Brain Degeneration: Autologous neural stem cells. For more information about ClientLab™ and our latest campaigns, please visit: