Dear Scicasters: Our users, partners, investors and friends,

With the decision made for the UK to leave the EU, we would like to make very clear that we expect no impact in our ability to continue providing services to you in the UK, EU, North America, Asia or beyond. We are and will always be open for employees, investors and partners from all over the world and everyone is welcome to join us regardless.

Of course, as a British company, we always have and will continue to comply with applicable laws in the provision of our services to our growing international community. But our philosophy has always been about openness across borders and all nationalities. We are extremely proud of being a small team of multinationals and we will continue to grow as such. Our investors and partners have always been attracted not just by our technology and our work, but also by our multicultural team and strong sense of diversity. This is what drives our global ambitions as an international business.

It is, without a doubt, a time of great uncertainties and it is impossible to predict what lies ahead. Thus, we think it is important that we monitor the impact Brexit will have on the UK’s science and its implications on the wider scientific community within the EU and, indeed, throughout the world.

We have created a dedicated Brexit section in Insights and have produced our first report discussing this issue. We have invited key science and technology figures in the UK to provide us with their views and comments on the issue. We will continue covering and campaigning for science and technology openness and, with your support, we will do our part in making your voices heard. Whether or not you are a Brexit supporter, we want to hear from you.

Thank you for your continued support.

Tim El-Sheikh

CEO @Scicasts