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When we look back on innovation and progress, we often wonder, “how did we ever cope with the way it used to be?” The internet and mobile communications have changed everything.

Science is still very much the way it used to be.

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Founder and biomedical scientist Tim El Sheikh found that a large proportion of his time was spent searching through endless research papers and data sources, held by multiple gatekeepers. It’s a widely recognised frustration: the pre-citation problem.

What if scientists could work with the most critical and up-to-date information without the lengthy search?

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The Scicasts team set to work opening access to research papers, journal citations, R&D news and industry trends. To retrieve this information from across the internet, Scicasts harnessed the concept of cognitive computing, powered by the Nebuli® engine.

Everything in one place. Information in seconds.

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Scicasts uses Nebuli®to curate what we see as the most ground-breaking developments that could truly change our lives, healthcare and technology. Our mission is to ensure everyone can make use of this technology to do the same for their own specific scientific interests.

The premise is simple: spend your time achieving results, not trawling for information.

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Disruptive? Yes

Necessary? Essential to accelerate knowledge acquisition and facilitate innovation.

This is the democratization of science. And it’s just the beginning.

Here is a short video