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Researchers Develop New Way to Fuse Cells

Cambridge, MA (OBBeC) - According to a report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (MIT), engineers at the institute have developed a new way to pair up cells so they can be fused together into a hybrid cell.

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Mystery of Brain Aneurysms Unravelled

New Haven, CT (OBBeC) - According to a report from Yale University, researchers at the institute have taken the first critical steps in unravelling the mysteries of brain aneurysms, the often fatal rupturing of blood...

6.65k 2 minutes read

Brain Activity Linked to Time as well as Space

Japan (OBBeC) - In a study carried out by researchers from RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan, humanoid robots have been used to show that functional hierarchy in the brain is linked to time as well as space.

7.05k 2 minutes read

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