Switzerland (OBBeC) - Tecan has been granted DLReady certification status for its high-end multimode readers Infinite M1000 and Infinite F500, by Promega Corporation, USA, a provider of innovative solutions and technical support to the life sciences industry.

According to the announcement from Tecan, the multimode microplate readers have met Promega’s acceptance criteria for being certified as DLReady in the corresponding validation program managed by Promega. The certification demonstrates compatibility with the Dual-Luciferase Assay and underlines the excellent injector and flash luminescence performance of Tecan’s Infinite M1000 and Infinite F500 multimode microplate readers.

The Infinite M1000 is Tecan’s new, high-end, premium Quad4 Monochromators-based multimode instrument, providing high flexibility, sensitivity and speed for demanding applications in drug discovery, life sciences and research. According to Tecan, the new luminescence technology and injector option makes it the obvious successor to its high performance Safire microplate reader.

The Infinite F500, Tecan’s high-end, filter-based multimode instrument is a  sensitive filter-based detection platform. It is based on the latest technological developments to provide a multifunctional and modular system that rapidly analyzes all your luminescence and fluorescence-based assays at outstanding sensitivity levels. The optional integration of reagent injectors (two injectors with selectable volumes), make this a powerful and versatile drug discovery tool in assay development and screening.