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'Scrawny' Gene Keeps Stem Cells Healthy

Baltimore, MD (OBBeC) - Stem cells are the body's primal cells, retaining the youthful ability to develop into more specialized types of cells over many cycles of cell division. How do they do it?

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Genes Associated with Increased BMI Identified

Hinxton, UK (OBBeC) - A genetic study performed by the GIANT Consortium has identified six new genetic variants that are associated with increased Body Mass Index (BMI), the most commonly used measure of obesity. Five...

4.68k 4 minutes read

Gene Mutation May Help Prevent Heart Disease

Baltimore, MD (OBBeC) - According to a report from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore,  researchers at the institute have discovered a novel gene mutation among the Old Order Amish population...

5.37k 3 minutes read

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