Hitchhiking Nanotubes Show How Cells Stir Themselves

Houston, TX (Scicasts) – Chemical engineers from Rice University and biophysicists from Georg-August Universität Göttingen in Germany and the VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands have successfully tracked single molecules inside living cells with carbon nanotubes.

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Exposing ‘Evil Twins’

Cambridge, UK (Scicasts) — A combination of nanotechnology and a unique twisting property of light could lead to new methods for ensuring the purity and safety of pharmaceuticals.

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DNA Nanorobots Find and Tag Cellular Targets

New York, NY (Scicasts) – Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center, working with their collaborators at the Hospital for Special Surgery, have created a fleet of molecular "robots" that can home in on specific human cells and mark them for drug therapy or destruction.

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