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Hitchhiking Nanotubes Show How Cells Stir Themselves

Houston, TX (Scicasts) – Chemical engineers from Rice University and biophysicists from Georg-August Universität Göttingen in Germany and the VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands have successfully tracked single molecules inside living cells with carbon nanotubes.

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Exposing ‘Evil Twins’

Cambridge, UK (Scicasts) — A combination of nanotechnology and a unique twisting property of light could lead to new methods for ensuring the purity and safety of pharmaceuticals.

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More Developments

DNA Nanorobots Find and Tag Cellular Targets

New York, NY (Scicasts) – Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center, working with their collaborators at the Hospital for Special Surgery, have created a fleet of molecular "robots" that can home in on specific human cells and mark them for drug therapy or destruction.

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Scientists Image Nanoparticles in Action

Roanoke, VA (Scicasts) – The macroscopic effects of certain nanoparticles on human health have long been clear to the naked eye. What scientists have lacked is the ability to see the detailed movements of individual particles that give rise to those effects. [Video]

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Researchers Find Tiny Nanowires Can Lift Liquids Without Power

Cambridge, MA (Scicasts) – Imagine if you could drink a glass of water just by inserting a solid wire into it and sucking on it as though it were a soda straw. It turns out that if you were tiny enough, that method would work just fine ― and wouldn’t even require the suction to start.


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Smallest Vibration Sensor in the Quantum World

Baden-Württemberg, Germany (Scicasts) – In their experiment the researchers used a carbon nanotube that was mounted between two metal electrodes, spanned a distance of about 1 µm, and could vibrate mechanically.

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Nano-Machines for 'Bionic Proteins'

Vienna, Austria (Scicasts) – Physicists of the University of Vienna together with researchers from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna developed nano-machines which recreate principal activities of proteins.

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Light-Emitting Bioprobe Fits in a Single Cell

Stanford, CA (Scicasts) – If engineers at Stanford have their way, biological research may soon be transformed by a new class of light-emitting probes small enough to be injected into individual cells without harm to the host.

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Scientists Develop Technique for MRIs on a Molecular Scale

Barcelona, Spain (Scicasts) – Researchers from the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), in collaboration with the CSIC and Macquarie University in Australia, have developed a new technique, similar to the MRI but with a much higher resolution and sensitivity, which has the ability to scan individual cells.

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Researchers Invent Portable Device for Common Kidney Tests

Los Angeles, CA (Scicasts) – A lightweight and field-portable device invented at UCLA that conducts kidney tests and transmits data through a smartphone attachment may significantly reduce the need for frequent office visits by people with diabetes and others with chronic kidney ailments.

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A Nanotech Fix for Nicotine Dependence

Tempe, AZ (Scicasts) – A chemical component present in the nightshade family of plants is one of the world's most tenaciously addictive substances. It is the nicotine contained in tobacco and found in high concentrations in cigarettes. Smoking remains a global scourge; in the U.S. it is the leading source of preventable death.

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'Super-Resolution' Microscope Possible for Nanostructures

West Lafayette, IN (Scicasts) – Researchers have found a way to see synthetic nanostructures and molecules using a new type of super-resolution optical microscopy that does not require fluorescent dyes, representing a practical tool for biomedical and nanotechnology research.

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Scientists Develop New system to Improve DNA Sequencing

Cambridge, UK (Scicasts) – A sensing system developed at Cambridge is being commercialized in the UK for use in rapid, low-cost DNA sequencing, which would make the prediction and diagnosis of disease more efficient, and individualized treatment more affordable.

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Plasmon Resonance Sensor Inspired by Ancient Roman Cup

Urbana, IL (Scicasts) – Utilizing optical characteristics first demonstrated by the ancient Romans, researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have created a novel, ultra-sensitive tool for chemical, DNA, and protein analysis.

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Building a Biochemistry Lab on a Chip

Urbana, IL (Scicasts) – Miniaturized laboratory-on-chip systems promise rapid, sensitive, and multiplexed detection of biological samples for medical diagnostics, drug discovery, and high-throughput screening.

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Popular Drug-Carrying Nanoparticles Get Trapped in Bloodstream

Ann Arbor, MI (Scicasts) ― Many medically minded researchers are in hot pursuit of designs that will allow drug-carrying nanoparticles to navigate tissues and the interiors of cells, but University of Michigan engineers have discovered that these particles have another hurdle to overcome: escaping the bloodstream. [Video]

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