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Why Scicasts?

With over 630,000 monthly unique visits, Scicasts offers innovative products and services spanning from precise, sector-specific targeting to expansive social marketing.

Scicasts harnesses the power of social media, user engagement and today’s mobile platforms to drive results for sponsors and partners.

Through its engaging participatory news model, Scicasts is attracting a fast-growing professional community of highly skilled, tech-savvy audience.

All marketing campaigns supported by exclusive and authoritative high quality content.

Used and supported by leading science and technology corporations, analysts, associations and institutions worldwide.

Advertising Options

  • Web Site and Newsletter Advertising
    Scicasts supports IAB-standard banner ads, as well as custom banners which can be placed in prominent and highly effective areas throughout Scicasts web pages and newsletters. Custom/ bespoke placements also available.
  • Social Media Integration
    Campaigns placed on Scicasts can be integrated with the leading professional social network, Linkedin. This exclusive feature can reach highly targeted professional users in various science and technology fields in targetted worldwide locations. All campaigns are fully managed by Scicasts.
  • Branded Reports (Advertorials)
    Advertisers may publish individual or a series of industrial reports, market analysis, webinars and white papers on Scicasts Resource Library and newsletters, accompanied by relevant banner placements, e-mails and social network announcements, reaching out directly to the target audience.

Lead Generation

In addition to its news services, Scicasts also offers a rich database of science and technology research papers, case studies, white papers, webinars, analyst reports, and case studies – providing vital information to scientists, lab and R&D managers, engineers, entrepreneurs and investors.

Scicasts Resource Library and Scicasts.tv both offer a unique approach to attracting new prospects and interests towards new product releases, services and R&D projects by submitting informative content where viewers need to register to access the content – generating new leads with every download.

Scicasts is committed to providing its users with research content that is insightful, educational and can help in determining the best solutions for their projects and business needs. The entire process is fully managed by Scicasts, including user registration, forms creation, list management, content hosting and promotions. For further details and additional options, contact our sales team.

E-mail Marketing (eBlasts)

Through Scicasts’ subscriber lists and global network of science and technology partners, clients may access exclusive and hand-picked data derived from some of the most trusted sources from around the world.

This service only involves in-house and partner lists where all subscribers must fill in detailed questionnaires requesting specific information related to their jobs and sectors, and opt in to receive information via e-mail. For further details and pricing, contact our sales team.

Dedicated (Branded) Scicasts Channels

This service involves building a complete co-branded Scicasts channel for clients and partners – with their own news blogs, reports , social channels and newsletters, supported by Scicasts editorial and marketing team. This service assists clients and partners in expanding their relationships with their customers, corporate members and event delegates, as well as opening new opportunities of generating additional revenue and acquisition of new prospects – all through continuous communication and user engagement.

The entire process, including project definition, content building, list management, and newsletter sending operations, is fully managed by Scicasts. For further details, please visit the Partner section here, or contact our sales team.

Other Sponsorship & Marketing Opportunities

There are several other sponsorship opportunities that can be built around your budget and specific marketing requirements. Any custom ideas and/or suggestions you may have for your campaigns are welcomed. Contact our sales team to discuss your ideas further.

Rate Card & Media Kit (2013)

Please contact our sales team to receive the 2013 media kit, with current offers and up-to-date rate card.